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Monthly Archive for November, 2009

Tonight’s Chinese take-out delivered unexpected doses of inspiration…

Inspiration is everywhere. It is in that hummingbird hovering over the red columbine. It is in the gentle smile and words of Maya Angelou. It is in so many movies, when protagonists overcome much difficulty to arrive at an end goal.

Hey, it was even in the fortune cookies that came with my Chinese food tonight! Three little sayings – they came in neat, crispy, little 3-D pac-man shape cookies. I have gently unwrapped and lay them out for you below:

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I was in a fancy Chinese restaurant in the Lion City, sitting across from Christina C., a dynamo of a woman and the new Singapore leader of our international public relations agency. We were deep in conversation as the waiter filled our cups with Puér tea and served us plates of steamed sea bass.

I would soon wrap up a two-week business trip. My life in San Francisco seemed so far away. Well, literally 8,500 miles away. Yet my mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, whirling about everything I needed to do before I left, and everything that awaited me when I got back.

“How am I going to find the time to do everything?” I said as I wolfed down the sea bass and emptied the tea cup. “Within the next week, I’ll be making five presentations. Two here, and three back in San Francisco.”

Christina looked at me through her stern, maternal eyes.

“Slow down, Sharon. Don’t you know that time is elastic?”

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It was a full moon night, everywhere…

I’m sure you didn’t miss it, whether you live in San Francisco, Shanghai, Switzerland or Singapore…

The moon beckoned from afar – luminous, warm, inviting – like a grandmother gathering little children around her rocking chair for story time.

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