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Published! A story I wrote about my personal experience with cancer was published in a cancer newsletter, What Makes You Stronger. The full version is below for your eyes only:

I remember it well. It was the 10th day of work at my new job at one of the US’ top 10, fast-paced public relations agency. It was late Friday afternoon. I was engrossed in developing a new business proposal when the phone rang. The voice was that of my breast specialist.

“Sharon, I didn’t want to let the weekend come without calling you first,” she said. “The core biopsy shows that you have cancer. My advice is for us to remove the tumor as soon as possible.”

That fateful day. That fateful phone call. I was 33. I had breast cancer.

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In 2005, Alicia Parlette, a copy editor who had just started her career at the San Francisco Chronicle, was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer at age 23. Some people might have chosen to deal with a cancer diagnosis and treatment privately, but from those early days of testing and diagnosis, Alicia had an opportunity to write about her experiences. She embraced that opportunity fully, and as a result, touched thousands upon thousands of lives.

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