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This is a guest post by Jarie Bolander, Author of Frustration Free Technical Management.

Innovation and creativity are wrought with setbacks, stumbles and failure. All creative endeavors have that one point where all you want to do is stop. Stop working. Stop thinking. Stop worrying about the project. This place comes by many names – the wall, the edge or the brink….

Teetering on the Edge

The brink is that defining moment where all hope is lost. Whatever you are working on is just not converging. It’s the point of exhaustion where going on seems impossible. This spot is the single most frustrating point in your life where you question everything. It’s a nasty cocktail of melancholy mixed with terror that feels like your whole world is collapsing in on itself. At this point, where all hope, dreams, desires and ego are on the brink of collapse, will be your most creative moment if you let it…

Embracing the Brink

Creative people need to embrace the brink and the defining moments it creates. The clarity that brink moments can bring is truly astonishing. The brink is the culmination of your creative process. It’s that last little push to finish your blog post, the marathon session to release your software or the one defining experiment that proves your invention. When you feel yourself teetering on the brink, wanting to give up, try these techniques to push past it:

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Tonight’s Chinese take-out delivered unexpected doses of inspiration…

Inspiration is everywhere. It is in that hummingbird hovering over the red columbine. It is in the gentle smile and words of Maya Angelou. It is in so many movies, when protagonists overcome much difficulty to arrive at an end goal.

Hey, it was even in the fortune cookies that came with my Chinese food tonight! Three little sayings – they came in neat, crispy, little 3-D pac-man shape cookies. I have gently unwrapped and lay them out for you below:

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There are good days, there are bad. And there are some days when we just need a little “pick-me-up.” Here are five quick tips:

1. Get some ice cream, or food you love. Did someone say ice cream? Yum. What is your favorite? Rocky road? Cherry Garcia? Chocolate chip? Well, go on out and treat yourself. There’s something about holding an ice cream cone and savoring its flavor as you walk down the street on a sweltering summer day. And yes, you could multiply your joy by treating yourself to your favorite food as well!

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Tweet We’re human.  We feel down sometimes, especially after a tiring, unproductive day. Sometimes, we’re hard on ourselves, and we speak harshly to ourselves. “Oh, I’m stupid.  How did I make that mistake?” But really, we’d much rather feel another way – happier, more positive about ourselves.  Should you have the blues, here’s an idea […]

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