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Orange moon

Image by m.a.r.k via Flickr

It was a full moon night, everywhere…

I’m sure you didn’t miss it, whether you live in San Francisco, Shanghai, Switzerland or Singapore…

The moon beckoned from afar – luminous, warm, inviting – like a grandmother gathering little children around her rocking chair for story time.

You and me, we likely didn’t breathe the same air that night, what with the countless miles between us…

“How many miles?”  You asked.

“Geez, I don’t know, I’ve never been good at Math.”

But  we digress…

It was a full moon night, everywhere…

Though we didn’t breathe the same air, we did see the same moon, didn’t we?

Did it not call to you?  The same way it called to me?

Did it not whisper in your ears, the way it did me?

“What did it say?”  You asked.

Take heart, don’t fret the miles that separate you.  You may think we live in a vast, cold world.  You may count with your fingers and toes all your loved ones who live far away.  But really, we live in a small, small world.  How else can I visit each and everyone of you, every night, without fail, if our world were indeed too big, too vast?”

Hark, the moon has spoken.  Just then a cloud floated by, casting a big shadow upon us.  But the moon was smart and escaped soon enough.  It then continued to smile and shine, over the freeways, over the meadows, over little you and little me.

It was a full moon night, everywhere.  No matter the distance, we are all connected, in more ways than one.

By Sharon Sim-Krause

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  1. Lovely!!! Thanks, Sharon.

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