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In 2005, Alicia Parlette, a copy editor who had just started her career at the San Francisco Chronicle, was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer at age 23. Some people might have chosen to deal with a cancer diagnosis and treatment privately, but from those early days of testing and diagnosis, Alicia had an opportunity to write about her experiences. She embraced that opportunity fully, and as a result, touched thousands upon thousands of lives.

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Tonight’s Chinese take-out delivered unexpected doses of inspiration…

Inspiration is everywhere. It is in that hummingbird hovering over the red columbine. It is in the gentle smile and words of Maya Angelou. It is in so many movies, when protagonists overcome much difficulty to arrive at an end goal.

Hey, it was even in the fortune cookies that came with my Chinese food tonight! Three little sayings – they came in neat, crispy, little 3-D pac-man shape cookies. I have gently unwrapped and lay them out for you below:

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Tweet I’m writing my first blog on “Shot of Inspiration.”  I hope to share beauty, inspiration, glimpses and reflections about the people, places, stories, books and the myriad of things I chance upon. In a world of information overload and demands of modern living, may this blog serve as your respite, a “pick-me-up,” a mini […]

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